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Karate Belt
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Sports Village Fitness Martial Arts Program 


Offered by


U. S. Ju Jitsu & Karate Center



GROUP  TRAINING – Adults and Teens:

Training is On Going.  Start ANY TIME.  Clients will Do Warm Up & Stretching Together then be divided into Sub-Groups.  Instructors will Move from Group to Group to Ensure Integrity of Techniques and Tactics.


Courses of Training are Based on Individual Preference/Instructor Approval and Include:


Women's Only Self Defense - Training is On-Going.  While Commitment is Necessary to Achieve Proficiency, Learning Practical Application Begins Immediately.  Training Curriculum Includes Techniques, Tactics, and Strategies Customized for Women derived from Karate and Ju Jitsu, as well as Military Hand To Hand Combat.  Emphasis is on Evasion, Resistance, and Escape.  Start ANY TIME!


Practical Street Self Defense –  Training for Individuals with the Intent of Ending a Violent Attack Using Minimum Effort with Maximum Effect


Traditional Combat Martial Arts Training – Traditional Training for Rank Belts (White to Black Belt).  Emphasis on Isshin-Ryu Karate - Okinawan Martial Arts

American Combat Ju Jitsu - Japanese Martial Arts


Weapons Training – Modern, Traditional, and Improvised Weapons Instruction

Emphasis on Proper Use of Defensive Tools Including

Impact, and Edged, as well as Available Self Defense Tools

Some Personal Training Items Required - See Mr. Bush


First Responders Training – Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, Security, Disaster, and Medical Personnel - Emphasis on Application of Controlled Take Downs, Joint Locks, and Control and Restraint Hold Techniques


Sport Ju Jitsu MMA Training - Beginner to Advanced - Adults and Teens - Conditioning and Competition Training – Learn Sparring in a Safe, Clean, and Controlled Environment - Emphasis on All Ranges of Sparring - Punching, Kicking, Throws, Take Downs, Joint Locks, Grappling

Sparring Equipment Required - See Mr. Bush





Semi-Private Training - Available by Appointment

Partner with a Friend(s) to Learn and Train With


Mr. Bush (615) 974-0246 (TEXT or CALL)

Kim Bush (615) 974-0245 (TEXT or CALL)




Women's Only Self Defense



All Training Is Taught


SATURDAYS - 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Sport Ju Jitsu MMA Training Only

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