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BODYBARRE® is for ALL bodies, a barre method unlike any you've tried before. With a seamless, high-energy flow of ballet-inspired choreography, Pilates-based exercises, and a focus on breath with movement, the BODYBARRE® method is designed to keep your heart rate up and your muscles working hard with ZERO impact, leaving you strong, sleek, and streamlined. Come See why everyone loves BODYBARRE®


BODYBARRE® (1 Hour) & BODYBARRE® Express (45 Minute Class) is a Pilates-based, Ballet-inspired method designed to define and lengthen your muscles.

Performed at a traditional ballet barre, using high-intensity choreography combined with isometric isolation and your own bodyweight, this total body practice is the original High Intensity Interval Inspired barre method, and will leave you energized, lean and strong.

No previous experience necessary.


Define is a BodyBarre®inpspired, cardio-based off-the-barre class performed center floor. Define includes traditional squats, planks, and use of various props, combined with the classical movements of Pilates and yoga. Define finishes with gentle stretch to relax your body and mind.

All levels welcome.

For an in-depth look at the BodyBarre®method, & what to expect during a class, click here visit their YouTube channel!

Barre Burn:

Barre Burn is the Sports Village take on a traditional barre workout, utilizing a variety of props and high-rep isometric isolation exercises to lengthen and strengthen your entire body.

This 45 minute class is beginner friendly. 

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