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Personal  training is a a great way to get into shape and be successful with your fitness goals. Having a personal trainer holds you accountable and teaches you tips and tricks to help you achieve results.


​Sports Village Fitness is located in Lebanon Tennessee on West Main. We have been in business since 1987, and we are dedicated to helping everyday people find ways to add fitness into their life. Our gym is locally family owned and operated. We are here to help you achieve your goals. Our trainers know how to motivate and give you the tools you need to be successful. 


L.C. Satterfield

L.C. believes that, “Fitness isn’t about competing with others, it’s about competing with yourself and being the best version of you”. He believes that we all should strive towards our own goals no matter how big or small. L.C. recently moved to Lebanon from Cookeville, TN where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Exercise Science from Tennessee Tech University. While obtaining his Master’s degree, he worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Exercise Science department where he taught numerous university classes such as Advanced Weight Training, Cross Training and Motor Learning. L.C. currently holds a personal training certification through International Sports Sciences Association and has been actively training for about 3 years. He is soon-to-be published for his assistance on a research study conducted in the Exercise Science department that examined the reliability and validity of Hexoskin smart shirts. In his free time, he enjoys watching college football and working on his car. 


“What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable” ​



B.S. Exercise Science with a double major in Pre-Occupational Therapy/ Fitness and Wellness

M.A. Exercise Science with concentration in Lifetime Wellness

ISSA personal training certification 

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Ken Holt

Ken has been a Personal Trainer for over 25 years.  Starting his career with the Fitness Company, a national chain that had over 80 clubs in the south, Ken was awarded 2 Regional Individual Awards and 1 MVP Award for Personal Training.  He came to Sports Village in 2000 to implement a safe and professional personal training program which is still in place today.  Ken has been certified as a Personal Trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and AFFA ( Athletic & Fitness Association of America).  He specializes in motivating his clients to change their lifestyle to reach a balanced life through the 5 components of health - muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular health and flexibility.  

Ken has resided in Lebanon since 2000.

Jordan Hughes

Jordan will not only help you transform your body, but she can help transform your spirit and energy.

"For a long time I've struggled with anxiety and depression and refused to take medication for it, so instead I found fitness and it saved me. I believe fitness is so much more than appearance. It's a way of balancing yourself. Balancing your mind, body, and soul. Fitness has truly helped me develop my life path, my choices and who I am as a person."

Jordan has been around fitness since a young child having parents that were competitive bodybuilders. She is now also an award winning competitive bodybuilder herself. Jordan has her certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has trained a variety of different clientele from ages 16-82, with many different goals. She was nominated as one of the top trainers in Wilson County in 2021.


"Everyone looses their self or their purpose from time to time. Let me help you find yourself again."  

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Flip” Blaney:

Despite growing up around the sports and fitness industry, Flip became an overweight and aimless teen. Flip has trained hundreds of clients and is experienced with both individuals and groups.  He enjoys encouraging people, pushing when necessary and finding ways to have fun along the way.  His Personal Training certificate is from ASFA.

“Fit is far more than tight glues and six pack abs.  True fitness is a state of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.  We all fall short.  But each day is a chance to start again.”

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Cristina Martinez:

Cristina's journey into fitness began as a pursuit of health, but it blossomed into a passion fueled by the transformative power of exercise. Her journey led her to deepen her understanding by obtaining certification from NASM, enabling her to share her knowledge with others. Witnessing the positive changes in her clients' lives brings her immense joy, particularly in group settings where the collective energy fuels motivation.

Her experience at CrossFit taught her that fitness is a continuous journey with endless possibilities for improvement. Having lived in Tennessee for over two decades and settling in Lebanon with her husband Eli and their dog Macky several years ago, Cristina has worked with clients of all ages. She finds inspiration in pushing young athletes to explore their potential and admires the determination of older clients striving for life-changing results.

The thrill of achieving what once seemed impossible drives Cristina, and she is dedicated to helping others experience that same sense of accomplishment. With enthusiasm and expertise, she looks forward to partnering with individuals to embark on their own transformative fitness journeys.


Jesse Alduenda:

Jesse is the epitome of an exercise powerhouse, fueled by a passion for fitness that's contagious. With certifications from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a Specialist in Kickboxing, Cardio Kickboxing, and Latin Jam, he brings a dynamic and versatile approach to training.

Jesse's sessions are infused with energy, pushing his clients to unleash their full potential and achieve tangible results. But beyond the physical aspect, Jesse's true joy lies in the camaraderie and support fostered among his clients. He thrives on the mutual journey of growth, where every triumph is celebrated together. With Jesse, it's not just about the workout; it's about the uplifting experience of working together towards a common goal.


Jen Solar:

Jen Solar brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of personal training. Hailing from the Chicagoland area, she made the transition to Lebanon in 2021, bringing with her over a decade of dedication to fitness and wellness.

Jen's journey began at Arizona State University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Wellness, with a minor in Food and Nutrition Management. Early in her career, she found her passion shifting towards corrective and rehabilitative work, a path that was further solidified through her Pilates education.

With an impressive array of certifications including NASM (CPT, PES, CES, GPTS), Balanced Body (Comprehensive Pilates Instructor), TRX Suspension, and Gray Institute (Functional Soft Tissue Transformation), Jen's training style is focused on building a strong foundation through the mind-body connection. She emphasizes the importance of core muscles in driving movement, teaching the body to function effectively and efficiently in various capacities, whether it's daily life activities, pain reduction, or enhancing performance in specific sports.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jen finds joy in spending time with her nearly five-year-old, who serves as a constant reminder to slow down and savor the present moment. With her passion for helping others and her commitment to holistic wellness, Jen eagerly looks forward to guiding and supporting you on your fitness journey, whether it's on the gym floor or in a personal session.

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Amber Fraley:

Amber Fraley, is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the National Board of Medical Examiners and The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching.  She holds additional coaching certifications through Wellcoaches, Precision Nutrition and is an ACE Weight Loss Specialist.  She also is a certified fitness instructor teaching Pilates, PiYo LIVE, Silver Fit and SHiNE Dance Fitness.

Find out more about Pilates and Amber here.  


Carly Cates:

Carly's journey into the world of fitness began at an early age, shaped by her upbringing in a family of athletes. With a background as a seasoned tennis player, she honed her skills competing at Cumberland University until 2022. Graduating from Cumberland with a degree in Sports Management, Carly furthered her passion by obtaining her Personal Training certificate from NASM.

Recently tying the knot with Morgan, whom she met at Cumberland, Carly now calls Lebanon home. Eager to share her expertise and love for fitness, Carly looks forward to training individuals of all ages, particularly young athletes and seasoned competitors. With her wealth of experience and dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals, Carly is poised to make a positive impact in the lives of her clients.


Paige Paladino:

Paige is ISSA certified and has an associates degree in science focusing on sports medicine from Volunteer State. Her love of fitness started out with playing sports like softball, soccer, and volleyball since she was little and has continued to grow while learning. Her goal is to help everyone be comfortable and confident in their own skin. She loves trying new workouts that focus on strength training, but also enjoys HIIT and Spin.

"Put all excuses aside and remember this: You are capable."

Andy Frisch:

 Meet Andy Frisch (again!) Andy returns to us with over 15 fitness certifications and more than 12 years of experience as a professional coach. He has a sense of humor and a passion for helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. He holds certifications from NASM, Precision Nutrition, the Nutrition Coaching Institute, and most recently the Functional Nutrition and Metabolism Specialization, which have given him the tools to create customized training and nutrition programs that work for each individual.

 What sets him apart as a coach is his focus on understanding the body from the inside out. Through the interpretation of lab markers, he is able to identify potential underlying problems and design nutrition, supplement, and fitness plans to address those issues. This approach has helped countless clients become stronger, leaner, and more confident in their abilities.

 By combining strength training, cardio, and mobility work along with a deep understanding of issues like thyroid health, insulin resistance, and inflammation, Andy helps his clients build functional fitness and improve overall health and longevity. He offers easy-to-follow coaching that makes healthy eating and healthy living simple and sustainable.

 Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve your health and fitness, Andy is here to help you reach your goals. Book a session with him today to work together and create a plan that works for you!


Holly Frisch:

 Meet Holly Frisch. Holly started her journey here at Sports Village in 2014 as a member and had never exercised or worked out before. Finally, deciding enough is enough, she got to work started to make her health a priority. Holly started working with our very own Andy Frisch through personal training and nutrition and, over a period of 9 months, lost 90 lbs. This experience changed her life and set her in a new direction. 

Andy and Holly fell in love and got married in 2017 and have been making an impact in the health and fitness industry together. She decided to make it official and became a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA in 2020. Holly loves leading her clients through the same transformations that she accomplished, and more importantly, teaching them how to maintain it for years to come.


Thalia Alduenda:

Thalia Alduenda is a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Boxing Instructor and hold a bachelor’s degree from Cumberland University. She has been involved with fitness at a very young age by parents who are bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. She has alwasy been very active in sports and enjoyed being challenged and believes the gym not only helps to challenge and transform your body, but most importantly, strongly influences the human mind in a positive way, helping to maintain a healthy, happy, and confident lifestyle.


Thalia inspires to help you be who you deserve to be, even when life gets tough. She wants to help her clients see great changes in their life, no matter what their past experiences have been.  She is driven to be a guide in your fitness journey.  Her specialties include working with clients who enjoy weightlifting, boxing, HIIT, Step, and dancing.  Her goal is to find what makes you stronger and happier, because YOU deserve it.


“Your body can do it, it’s time to convince your mind.”


Private 30 Minute Session $30

Private 60 Minute Session $60

Semi Private and Group Rates Available see Front Desk for details.

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