Group Fitness

Fitness classes for all levels!

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Cardio Kick: This is a power packed cardio workout with a mixture of kicks and punches that is sure to challenge your heart and muscles.


Zumba & Latin Jam: Latin-infused cardio dance, so fun you don’t notice you are sweating your tail off! All levels Welcome!


Cardio Party: Fun easy to follow moves to the beats of all genre of music. If you like to move to the beats you will love the movements in this class for all ages.

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Life is better when in balance.

Gentle Flow Yoga: All levels welcome with modifications shown. Both newbies and veterans practice postures, relaxation, and breathing techniques to improve flexibility, balance together.

Detox 26: Detoxify and strengthen the entire body head to toe including organs, muscles and nerve fibers.  


Candlelight Yoga: Retreat from life and find inner peace with yoga breathing, stretching and relaxation. Soft candlelight to enhance the senses.



 BodyPump: A simple and effective way to improve strength, function, shape, and definition. This strength        

  training class uses barbells and dumbbells that will change your shape and define your muscles.


MAX Burn– Maximize your muscular and cardio development all in one intense training session using intervals of plyometrics a

   strength techniques. Intense group weight training for women and men.

Barre: Overall conditioning using ballet, pilates, and yoga inspired moves with upbeat music. Targeting Abs, Thighs, Arms, and glutes.

PIYO: Have hard core definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength-without weights, without jumps, and without destroying your body.


Burn & Build: This class happens in the functional fitness area (green turf) and uses lots of equipment and variety to keep this circuit style class interesting and fun. All levels welcome. 

TRX Strong: Using the TRX straps in the functional fitness area, this class focuses on strength, stability, and lean body mass. All levels welcome.


Basic Water: Great for any level this non impact class will work both your heart and your muscles with the

  freedom of movement in water. 

Silver & Fit H20: Get moving in the water with this easy to follow but intense workout. Class is 45 minutes located in the indoor pool.


Silver & Fit H20: Get moving in the water with this easy to follow but intense workout. Class is 45 minutes located in the indoor pool.

Silver Sneakers:  A workout specifically designed for all levels. Easy to follow classes with certified instructors.

Active & Strong: A workout specifically designed for over 55 or anyone that needs a little extra instruction. Easy to follow classes with certified instructors.


Cycle 615 is our all new Spinning Studio. You can sign up online here.