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Fitness classes for all levels!

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Dance Fitness Class

* Latin Jam: Latin-infused cardio dance, so fun you don’t notice you are sweating your tail off! All levels Welcome!


* Cardio Party: Fun moves to the beats of all genres of music.  If you like to move to the beat you will love this class for all ages.

* Just Step:  Basic step like we did years ago!  Familiar moves and a great cardio workout for burning calories and shaping the lower body.  


* CardioKick: A power packed cardio workout with a mixture of kicks and punches that is sure to challenge your endurance & your muscles.


* Yoga Flow:  Focusing on the connection between breath, movement, and the mind, this class is based on the principles of hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga and ashtanga vinyasa.


* Yin & Restore: Featuring poses done close to the ground, like seated forward folds, hip openers, supine twists, and supported backbends. Release, recovery, relaxation, surrender, and greater flexibility are the goals.


* POP Pilates®: Where strength meets flexibility. Think highly-focused Pilates-based movements combined with cardio exercises, that leave your body toned and transformed. This isn’t your average workout. It's a dance on the mat. 


* PiYO™: Combining the strength training—and body lengthening—aspects of Pilates with the core training and stretching elements of yoga.  Low impact and adaptable to all ages and fitness levels, PiYo is set up like a cardio class, designed to burn calories and make you sweat.      


* Yoga Gentle Flow: Yoga for flexibility and stretching.  This is Yoga for Every Body.


* Chair Yoga: Perfect stretch for the body and great for the mind.  You will be surprised how great your body and mind will feel, all while never leaving the chair.


* Village BARRE (Barre Burn): With a focus on small, pulsing movements and an emphasis on form, alignment and core engagement, this traditional 45 minute, isometric barre workout will tone the muscles in you body. All levels welcome.

* BodyBarre® is the original high-intensity, non-impact barre workout you've been waiting for.  With a seamless, high energy flow of ballet-inspired choreography, Pilates-based exercises, and a focus on breath movement, this class torches up to 600 calories, by keeping your heart rate up and your muscles working hard, leaving you strong, sleek, and streamlined. 

Mat Pilates: Our Mat Pilates class is a powerful, full body practice, which focuses on strengthening muscles through deep core work and conditioning of the arms and legs.  We often utilize a variety of props to increase the intensity. This mat-based class is based in the original exercises Joseph Pilates developed over 100 years ago. Suitable for all levels.


* Define™: A high-energy, cardio-based BodyBarre® inspired workout. Utilizing a variety of props, Define™ combines traditional squats and planks, with the classical movements of Pilates and yoga.