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Yoga for Every Body

Journey to a better posture, improved flexibility, and increased inner peace.  From PiYo to Flows to Yin & Restore, there is a Yoga Class for Every Body in Studio B at Sports Village Fitness.

Take a deep breath, quiet your mind join us for Yoga Flow at SVF. Based on the principles of hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga and ashtanga vinyasa, this class focuses on connecting breath with movement, and will help you create flexibility in your muscles and joints, while building strength. 

Yoga Class

Yin & Restore features poses done close to the ground, like seated forward folds, hip openers, supine twists, and supported backbends. Release, recovery, relaxation, surrender, and greater flexibility are the goals.

Developed for BeachBody by trainer Chalene Johnson, PiYo™ blends aerobics, pilates, and yoga into one fast-pace endurance, low-impact total body workout workout! Focusing on flexibility, torching serious calories, burning fat, building long and lean muscles, and protecting your joints through low-impact moves, PiYo™ is low-impact while still being dynamic and full of energy.

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