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Yin & Restore features poses done close to the ground, like seated forward folds, hip openers, supine twists, and supported backbends. Release, recovery, relaxation, surrender, and greater flexibility are the goals.

Friends in Nature


We always have some event or activity going at Sports Village. This is a great place to see what's going on and maybe what you would like to get involved in.


Starting February 5th! This class is for aspiring athletes between the ages of 10-16 who want to improve their sports performance. This class will be held in the HIIT Zone 8 times on Monday and Wednesdays from 4:30pm-5:15pm. Contact Carly or the front desk for more info on how to sign up.

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Sports Village Fitness Running Group!

All running levels are welcome, we practice 90 second run/30 second walk intervals for 60 minutes.
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